YourLeaseCalc 2.5

Equipment lease finance calculator

Equipment lease finance calculator

Customizable equipment lease finance calculator for the Leasing Professional. Create your own branded lease finance calculator for you and your Vendors that can be installed on iPads, iPhones, Tablets, Android devices, PC's. Gives you your own App with none of the development cost!

If your organisation promotes Vendor/Supplier relationships you can also forward a "light" version of your own App to your Suppliers/Vendors. This simple version will have your branding and look like your own App but with hidden commission and yields/rates which are set by you for each Supplier/Vendor calculator you send. Having your branding, contact details and a Customer proposal form the App is not just a fantastic promotional tool but it also ensures all their business is referred back only to you

YourLeaseCalc provides all the functionality needed by the Equipment Lease Professional.

•Set commission and Yield/rate

•Simple to use

•Concurrent calculations for PC version

•Save Calculations

•Summary of results including tax savings and more

•Monthly or quarterly payments

•Tax summary

•Reverse calculate capital cost or commission from a lease payment

The full version can be corporate banded and used on ALL mobile devices. You can also send your own Vendor App to your Vendors.



YourLeaseCalc 2.5

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